Les devoirs

Been an uneventful week, boring actually. Set up a tracker for Torrentino, getting a new server this weekend sometime which will be the primary web server, making leprechaun (the old web server) the tracker.
Received my Ubuntu shit a little while ago, a stress ball and two lanyards. Surprised I didn't have to pay a fee.
Anyway, I'd like to work on Torrentino a bit more tonight; wrap some things up. Finally Friday so I get to sleeeeeeep in tomorrow....

Mininova's content filtering system

Incase you haven't heard, Mininova has begun using a 3rd party content filtering service. A torrent I uploaded on the 8th (Star Trek) has now been removed. What's going on?
As TF said, EZTV is the most popular TV show release group. Now being the most popular, you'd think that they'd have a lot of results on say, Mininova. Not anymore: http://www.mininova.org/search/?search=prison+break+eztv&cat=0


It's finally Friday, been waiting all week. I now have four spare processors, dual Xeon socket 604 processors. It'd be great if I could use them.... Also have some RAM too, 4GB's in total!

Torrentino has been running fine so far, server load has been low. PunBB uses a small amount of CPU usage, Torrentino itself (the system) uses next to nothing. One server for the front end + PHP, another for static content (CSS, images, etc.). I could have another server just for PHP processing, if needed. Well, atleast I'll have the hardware to expand ;)

New modem

Since my ISP is 'upgrading' their network, I received a new modem. Ran a speedtest, and capped out near 25mbit/s. Now, my router is reporting from my WAN that it's 100mbit/s full duplex, not 10mbit/s half duplex. Upload speed is the same....
Anyway, just thought I'd post about something, its Wednesday so I'm going to watching TV or play some Halo....

Streber PM

If you're a freelancer or a small dev team and are feeling unorganized, I'd recommend to use Streber PM (project management). I've been using Streber for the last year or so, and I find it completely adequate. Very simple to use and a clean design (which is important IMO).
Users can create projects, tasks, topics, milestones and much more. It's great to use for any size of projects, and has tons of options.

Moving Torrentino

Finally found a place for Torrentino. Now, it uses two servers; one for dynamic content the other for static content. I modified the backend a bit, so it might be slightly faster.
The design still need some work. So if anyone has any ideas, or would like to create a usable design for Torrentino; go ahead! If so, your name will be mentioned on the about page.
Anyway, I'm off to go tweak some stuff....