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Free Cron Job Hosting

Nojde[http://tinyurl.com/ddkl9d] offers free cron job hosting, check em out!

Alternatives to Flickr

Sometimes Flickr doesn't cut it. Here are some Flickr alternatives I found out about:


Rokke was built out of complete boredom; A platform for freelance developers to sell their scripts.

This weekend I have four days off, so I might do a little work on WorkSimple. 1.3.0 should be released, as its a major improvement from 1.2.2b. It implements a new theme system.

Anyway, this month or next month, I might hold a contest for a free domain (.info). Rules? Most useful/helpful/creative/constructive comment. Sign up here so I know who to email incase you win.




So around 11:49 (or so) I woke up, checked 4Box Hosting's email to see if there was any new stuff. Every two hours, a cron job runs so I get a shitload of emails. Anyway, so I finally see an email notifying me that I there is a new support tickets. Great. Wonderful. The last thing I wanted to do was to get my ass out of bed. Finally answered the ticket, well not fully but good enough. One of our best customers ordered another package, which is fine but he/she wanted their old WordPress DB backed up and then restored with us. More fun! 

Rokke Script Store

Rokke Script Store is a new PHP script store that offers low prices for quality PHP scripts. Currently it's in beta, but I'd suggest you to take a look!

Namecheap coupon code

The promotional code for April is 7tulips
Register any TLD for $8.81!

Dual booting Debian

Getting Debian set up to dual boot with XP is extemely easy. I installed it to a second harddrive, installed GRUB to the MBR of the first drive and auto detected XP! The only thing now that's pissing me off is trying to get the NVIDIA drivers to work, so I can have triple monitors under Debian. Gah! I've tried everythimg but it's not working.

I built a Twitter PHP bot (sorta) the other day. It updates itself if one of the servers are down. I'll release the source or something.

Anyway, I'm off to go watch TV or something....mmmm TV...........

Introduction to PHP: Part 1

This tutorial will cover the basics of installing PHP, getting it set up and even running a few scripts.

Some prequesists that I assume you have:

  • HTML knowledge (any will do)
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • The will to learn!

If you'd like to learn more about PHP and the history, I'd suggest you to read the Wikipedia page. Anyway, on with the article!

10 ways to promote your blog

Here's a list comprised of the tools and techniques I used to promote this and other sites:
1. Twitter
Millions of people use Twitter, why don't you?
2. Forums
Target your niche of blog or site by joining the appropriate forum and post links in your signature.
3. Directories
Submit your site/blog to a link directory.
4. BlogCatalog

New content!

My blog is quite...boring. Monotone. Uninteresting. You name it. So, the next couple blog posts are gonna be 'helpful' you could say. Tutorials (PHP, GIMP, Linux skills, etc..), news, hacks and so on.

Just got back from a nice tiring bike ride. Only -2C out side, so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go work on my Twitter-clone, or sleep. Sleeping sounds better.


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