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Still Waiting

So I phoned the XBox support line...and apparently they JUST received my 360. After almost 2 and a half weeks, they just got it. I'll be waiting another 2 and a half more to get it back...just wonderful. I'm stuck with watching movies & playing games on my computer till then.

I installed Debian on one of my computers, and was trying to transform it into a firewall ALL weekend. I'm not sure what I did wrong, eth0 worked fine, maybe it was just the NIC...or the stupid hub I have. I have plans of moving all my computer stuff elsewhere so.....

Energy Drink Analysys

As I sip on a Canadian Beaver Buzz energy drink, I ponder to myself. How much caffiene is in it compared to other drinks?
I have about 65~ish energy drink cans (a collection you might say), and I'm going to make a spreadsheet on it, comparing taurine, caffeine,ginsing and bottle size (in mL). I'll record my results and come back later.
Stay tuned.


I just finished RotK now, and saw the previous two movies yesterday. Kinda sucks though, I didn't have the Elvish subtitles but I ended up with the Finnish and Swedish subtitles....
On the other hand, I'm still waiting for my 360 to arrive back, I phoned Xbox support and they said it will be back in 10-15 days. I've gotten some more games for my computer though (QII, QIII, Spore, WoW & Unreal II) so I've had some time on my hands, among other things...

Well, I'm going to play some Quake or something along the lines of that. I'll post tomorrow or Wednesday.


Whoa. I haven't posted here in a wee bit. And, its almost Friday!
Nothing really new has been happening. Eat, sleep, go to school, repeat.
I took apart my [701] Eee the other day and actually put it back together correctly works! So, I figured out I need to find/buy a U.FL to RP-SMA connector as I plan to put an external on it somewhere, preferably the shiny metal looking thinks on the left/right side. I currently have the stock antennas unhooked from the WiFi card, which sucks since I don't get as good as signal (duh!) but I use my other USB WiFi connector.


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