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Qua, Qua, Qua....

...d monitors. Whipped down to Staples and picked up another 19" widescreen monitor, so now that makes three (3) 19" widescreen (LCD) monitors and one (1) 19" CRT (All on one computer = quad monitors). The new one is a HP w1907 with VGA and DVI, and surprisingly it has speakers (which I didn't find out till I got home). More to come.....


For once, I have nothing to post about. I haven't gotten anywhere in coding (atleast, not yet).
Work still sucks, I got my paid today, althought it's not in my bank account 'till tomorrow.

I was [quite] bored and found this quote (it seems to describe every Friday and Saturday night for me):
"Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code."

I'll come back and post either tomorrow or Friday, or sometime when I have inspiration.....

Working Simple

I've changed my data structure 3 times now. Now, I finally have a working solution. Anyway, I guess it's in working order, I have made a installer so it can be integrate into any site easily and quickly. It's also style-able via CSS (I'll include some themes when I relase WorkSimple). It also has a login area so you can write posts without FTPing them.
EDIT: Now, you can browse the templates! Try here and here.

"I hear ya', but can ya' C?"

I figured I should go all out, so I bought another GB of RAM, the Razer Diamondback mouse ( and a headset ( and with the G15 (,en) this is becoming quite the awesome setup. All I need now is a kickass computer. With all this gaming gear, I feel like the geeky coding side of me has left me. Its quite sad.


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