Why is my Android keyboard sending unencrypted data? And where?

I recently switched phones from a LG G4 to a Sony Xperia X Performance (isn't that a mouthful!), so I had a spare Android phone lying around. What better use for than to sniff some traffic! First up is ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard, a free keyboard that has built in text-swiping features, emoji, a calculator and much more. Android keyboards have the ability to read what you type, mostly just to improve text correction and prediction. This is an understandable permission but has the opportunity for misuse.

I loaded up Burp Suite, added the proxy setting to the phone and off I went. First request right off:

Holy leaking information batman! The app sent my email addresses, latitude, longitude, IP address and device info to their server over HTTP.

Now you may be thinking "well ads display in apps too, they must send juicy tracking information back too", so let's take a look.

Remote code execution with Hitron CGNM-2250

Edit: This has been fixed in the latest firmare update

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