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I've come to realize that no one reads a blog where people (such as me) babbles on about their life. Know why? No one cares. People dig tutorials on the internet, if they wanted to read stories they'd pick up a book.


I'm in the process of upgrading my Hackintosh from 10.5.2 to 10.6. Shouldn't be too much of a pain in the ass, but oh well.


I've gotten a serial terminal working on my Thinkpad. I can know get a [virtual] terminal, via serial to one of my servers which is great. I could SSH into them, but plugging shit in is much more fun. I'd suggest those who want a quick terminal to check this out.

Here's a funny story today. So, I was in computer class (whoa!) and one of the kids forgot/didn't know the password to a recently installed Windows 7 box. First thing that came to my mind is Ophcrack. I downloaded the Vista version (which I don't even know if it'll work on Win7) of it (LiveCD) which is 400~MB's (takes forever at school). So, it finished downloading and I followed this tutorial on getting to boot on a thumbdrive. No big deal.

Teacher comes around, rages to some extent, and tells us to get rid of it. Pourquoi, you ask? Well since our school uses XP, it can crack XP passwords using rainbow tables (even though we had the Vista version of Ophcrack). I guess the teacher thought it was probable cause that we were going to 'do something malicious'.

Anyway, thats the end of my rant.

It's nearing 00:00 here, time to play with electronics.


Hackintosh build

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I finally got around to building my own Hackintosh using no special hardware really. I guess the only requirements you really need is a CPU that supports SSE2/3 instructions. Just grab the latest Kalyway DVD and you're good to go. 

Mac OS X (Darwin) didn't detect my on-board NIC right away and I didn't feel like finding the kernel extensions for it; whatever so I found a spare 3Com NIC which worked. I'm stuck at 1024x768 until I get a new graphics card. I haven't tested audio yet so I'm not sure if that works. Edit: Works perfectly!

Edit: Screen shot here.

There's a shitload of other kernels you can try, but the original mach_kernel worked for me.

Anyway, it's working pretty well I might say. The Halo demo doesn't work (neither does the full game) as I get an error message on starting.

It's just nice to have that Mac style, nice shiny icons, beautiful desktop, overpriced hardware etc... :)