SHOUTcast server

As finicky as I am about music, I'm one of those guys that'll change the song halfway through it. So, I thought I'll set up a local SHOUTcast radio to prevent that and create less distractions.

Download SHOUTcast DNAS either beta or stable (I chose stable) from here. Edit sc_serv.ini in the SHOUTcast program files folder. The only thing you need to change is your password and whether you want a public or private server. Next, download Winamp to make it easier to manage. Also download the SHOUTcast plugin for Winamp (here) and the null output plugin (here).


Once everything is installed, open up Winamp and go to DSP/Effect. Click 'Configure the active plug-in'. Go to the 'Output' tab and proceed to fill in your information. If you chose to use the stable version of SHOUTcast DNS, check the legacy mode box. Select your encoder and it's settings. Check the boxes for auto connect. Make sure your output is using the null output plugin, unless you do have a soundcard (for whatever reason). 

Start up SHOUTcast DNAS, either GUI or CLI then Winamp. Open up your favourite music player with the URL 192.168.x.x:8000/listen.pls and listen away!