Linux 4.15.2 on SnackLinux

Quick update to SnackLinux, rolled out Linux 4.15.2 with Busybox 1.28.0. Also switched over to x86_64 only (for now at least) since it simplifies a lot of things. I removed the need to staticly link everything and get rid of that niche, since a few other smaller distros cover that (Alpine Linux for example). Again, this simplifies building packages and running into less issues. Check it out on Github for build instructions, or the getting started page on getting SnackLinux running.

Working with Synergy

Having to switch between computer to computer [locally] is tiresome. Yes that's right, rotating your head 75 degrees hurts after a while, nevermind the shift in your body. 

I have a tri-monitor setup, plus two laptops. Moving my hands each time to keyboard sucks. This is where Synergy comes in. In short, it's software KVM, so to speak. That means no special hardware. Share one keyboard/mouse between multiple clients. Interesting, eh?

Here's a quick tutorial on getting it set up.


First thing's first, download the binaries here:
For those Debian users:

apt-get install synergy

You'll need to run the server on your computer which you'd like to share your mouse/keyboard. Since my server is Windows XP and the clients are Linux, combinations vary. In any case, you'll need to set up screens and links. Click on "Share this computer's keyboard and mouse (server)" in the main Synergy window, add a screen by clicking on the + and proceed to add your servers name (thecreator in my case) and your clients (unicorn and centaur for example).

Screenshot in the case you're lost:

As you can see, the screen section has both the servers and clients host name. Next is to set up links. Physically, thecreator is in the middle (tri-monitor) with unicorn on the left and centaur on the right. Fill out the following information under the links section. Select the position of the link, the hostname and then finally the host's hostname.

Start the server on your uhh server, and connect via other clients. In Linux, connect to the server by:

synergyc 192.168.x.x

Where x.x corresponds to your IP address. And that should be it. You'll be able to share the same keyboard/mouse (and clipboard) with other computers.


I'm no amazing blogger so any comments are appreciated ;)