Another iPod Touch post

Guess who can access their music and any other's (while running Simplify media server)? Me! I figured out that while I have Simplify running, who ever's I also connected to previously I can browse while connected via WiFi. No need to put new music on my iPod, just stream it now. My internet net was out from 20:00 to 04:30, finally got a hold of my ISP (yes, at 4am) and got it fixed. Within that 8.5 hours, I made a simple picture gallery script (email me if you want it). I have 150 free 4x6" prints down at Superstore. I uploaded some pics and sent the order. The site said one business day (not sure what that means though, can I get it tomorrow or overmorrow...?). Anyway, I uploaded some more pics to my Flickr page so feel free to check them out and maybe leave a comment or two. Anyway, I sorta feel like working a bit more on Torrentino or even Web Host.

I wonder if anyone else except myself actually bothers to read this haha.

Urgh. Ipod touches are mostly just hype and a flimsy lil thing full of shit no one NEEDS...


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Yeah, they mostly are. Then again, I couldn't find a PMP that has WiFi, a touch screen, built in speaker, can install applications on the go, watch videos and play some decent games ALL in one. Ideas?