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I read an interesting story over at /. today:
Atleast I don't have an iPhone,, although I do have a decent PocketPC;
I even got it to act as a monitor using Sidewindow(
Anyways, I haven't done much doing in the last couple days, even though I should work on WS(http:/ & I have quite a bit to do too, most notably fix the blog module, since it orders them backwords, as in oldest -> newest. I'm still not very sure whether to call it a blog or a CMS. I personally think it is more of a blog, since a CMS is more of a whole system, it is just one...thing.
On that subject, I'm not sure about my data structure yet. Since the method that I am using (using dates as filenames), writing a post in the CP is quite easy. But now I have the task of ordering them....backwards.
My adventure continues....


Heheh, I finally got WorkSimple _working_. You can now post from the CP and displays them right! I need to implement the archive feature (pages), but other than that, it works!