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Hidden FreeNAS Link

Did anyone notice the little link on the bracket in FreeNAS(version 0.69b2)?
I got curious and looked at the HTML source:
FreeNAS © 2005-2008 by Olivier Cochard-Labbe. All rights reserved.  [View license]

See? The little bracket ([) is a link to Perhaps the author(s) feel the need to support human rights...Seemed kinda strange to me, anywho....

WorkSimple 1.0.1 should be released soon, I have the theme changer working, so you can login to the CP and change the theme. I also still need to add a page where you (the user) can change site info (website name, tagline,post/page, etc...)
Other than that, everything is going along fine, I'll [try to] do what I said above ^ and also make some more CSS themes.

I'm messin around with FreeNAS right now, so I'll post back later.