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Some nice SYN flood attacks

 For the last week or so, my server(s) externally have been slow as hell. Now, me being not so investigative didn't check my routers logs. Well, let's just say someone was DDoS'ing me. Oh no, not the web servers. Just the tracker (Torrentino's tracker). Not someone, but a crapload of IP's. Still, making it virtually impossible to access the webserver. So naturally, me being a dumbass didn't have iptables all. Long story short, fixed it up with some iptables rules and blocking the offending IP's. The router is reporting that it's dropping the [bad!] packets, but I'm not so sure on that.


I'm that much of a dumbass. Mentioned in my previous previous post, I [might?] be receiving two new servers. One of which, come to think of it, would make a nice Smoothwall firewall making me sleep easier. It's 13:56 as I write this; I haven't slept in 27 hours. Picked up some cable ties err cable wraping thingies and organized everything so atleast it's clean to some extent.



Ugh, I need sleep. In about 2-2.8 hours, I made a cool little script. Reminds me of in a way. In short, it keeps you updated on your favourite artists/bands albums. For example, you could subscribe to Frozen Ghost's RSS feed, and every time a new album would be released it would update. I'm sure there is already a site like this; maybe not. I'm open to suggestions. I ended up naming it 'doobleg' :P I'll show it to everyone when I'm ready ;)


So, in the most part, I took care of the DDoS attempt, but site seems a tad slow. I'll work on it wiwum (when I wake up next (should be wiwun, but wiwum sounds better)).