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WorkSimple Overview

WorkSimple is exactly that. A simple, easy to use blogging system with a blog module, ad & theme system, calendar and login/register features written in PHP.

It also includes a effortless installer so WorkSimple can be implemented on any website within minutes (Or even seconds!). A complete tutorial is available here:

WorkSimple uses a flatfile database, so no MySQL database is required, thus making it even easier and faster to install & use.

WorkSimple is style-able via CSS. New themes can be uploaded and used instantly. See the Themes page for themes. A demo is available here:

For support, feel free to post comments. For any other contact or feedback, use the Contact/Feedback page under Secondary links.

A donation is greatly appreciated. Feel free to click the button below and set your own donation amount :)


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


This is one nifty piece of code amounting only at 34kb zipped... just it misses any kind of captcha routine for comments, dangerous :)

Hmm, last time I checked anonymous users must answer a math question. I'll check my settings.

I'm evaluating just three out of a ton of php blog scripts I spent hours checking yesterday. I needed small size, no fluff functions, and ability to be embedded with an include inside an existing php-html-menu structure. Among the three, worksimple is the one my eyes like best; none of the three include a backup function tho, and just one has "pretty urls" function to include blog.php/0015/posttitle_inside_the_url if you know what I mean, still I could manage this last thing on my own; while the last script is just 8kb zipped and can be embedded anywhere, but is pretty much bare for everything else.
Anyhow it's asking me for a math operation now :D yay
By the way, wouldn't it be niftier for visitors if they could put a nickname even if not registered with a password, instead of being classified as "anonimous coward"? :D
Mauro @

I stand corrected, as it uses a flatfile, there is no real need to have a backup function, silly me ;)
Btw now it asks you for math question couple times, both at preview and during save stage ;)

Well i will use your blog script soon but dou you update it often ?

I'm quite surprised that you chose WorkSimple over other alternatives. Hope things work out for you. Just by simply including do.php on a page, it reads the blog posts without using the template system.
New users can register here.

There apparently was a serious misunderstanding on my side, as right before uploading the script to my host I was 100% sure that worksimple was the blog you are using on this very website. Then I realized it was a whole different story ;) whoops :$

Hah, I wish. Although, version 1.3.0 comes with a new template system. Thanks anyway.

You should keep working on this!
Make a simple comment system and an image/thumbnail system (why the hell is that upload button there?) and you got a really great blog, I have installed it and modified my CSS sheet to make it look a bit better and it works great!
Im still trying to modify it so it accepts image's correctly but it keeps screwing the lay-out.
But still im using it for one of my blogs.

Thanks! I'm glad someone is actually using it. A comment system doesn't sound too hard, neither does a thumbnail system. By upload button, I'm assuming you meant the upload box in the control panel?

I'm no designer whatsoever, so I try to keep my layouts to a minimum :)

Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work!

whats the status on this project?

Is there a way the developer is gonna incorporate captcha and image upload ?

Would be nice.

Is there a way i can add the uploading of images to it myself?

Thanks in advance

 It's still active. A modules can be created for uploading (see here). Make the image upload as you would then integrate it into the home page by specifying where it belongs (contentleft, footer, etc).

Hi there

This looks like exactly what I need.

I have installed it as per the instructions, but I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined variable: root in \\nas42ent\Domains\m\\user\htdocs\1.3.5\data\modules.php on line 9

How can I fix this please?

Thank you


No captcha and image upload,
thats no good for my purpose.

Im looking for a script uses can
talk about a subject, snap a picture of something
and have other users search for subjects.

funny theres a captcha to post here though :D