Cold coffee

For my love of coffee, I tried cold brewing the other day. More convenient, in my opinion.

7 (or so) table spoons of your favourite coffee in a mason jar and fill it up near the top of water. Let it sit over night, or at least 12 hours. Strain that lovely juice into another jar. You now have cold-brewed coffee. Pour into a cup, add milk, sugar and enjoy :) 

For iced cappuccinos (blended ice coffee), freeze an ice cube tray of the coffee you just made (with out milk/etc). I stuck 6-7 ice cubes in a blender, with about two cups of milk (call it 450mL), some chocolate sauce and vanilla Coffee-mate (honey would do, too). What you end up with, is a delicious, higher in caffeine drink.

Energy Drink Analysys

As I sip on a Canadian Beaver Buzz energy drink, I ponder to myself. How much caffiene is in it compared to other drinks? I have about 65~ish energy drink cans (a collection you might say), and I'm going to make a spreadsheet on it, comparing taurine, caffeine,ginsing and bottle size (in mL). I'll record my results and come back later. Stay tuned.


For once, I have nothing to post about. I haven't gotten anywhere in coding (atleast, not yet). Work still sucks, I got my paid today, althought it's not in my bank account 'till tomorrow. I was [quite] bored and found this quote (it seems to describe every Friday and Saturday night for me): "Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code." I'll come back and post either tomorrow or Friday, or sometime when I have inspiration.....

To-Do list

Heres my list of things to do: EngX -Add crawling functionality -Fix search box Web Host -Fix security flaw -Add frendlier CP UI Jab( A.K.A Gup Beta (work in progress) -Fix login security -Order posts correspondingly -Add a comments feature for posts Memo(Facebook application)Secondary link: -Fix uploading -Add UI elements P.S. If you have any feedback about these scripts/projects, feel free to comment :D I just drank half a bottle of Hardcore Energize Bullet ( Apparently, it has more ounce for ounce compounds comparing to other energy drinks. Speaking of that, I should take some pics of my energy drink can collection(60+ cans/bottles). I really do have quite a big collection, from Monster MIXXD to Bawls Guarana(which I love). Then again, I still have a bottle of 6 Hour Energy left. I think this is going to be a productive night....