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Some nice SYN flood attacks

 For the last week or so, my server(s) externally have been slow as hell. Now, me being not so investigative didn't check my routers logs. Well, let's just say someone was DDoS'ing me. Oh no, not the web servers. Just the tracker (Torrentino's tracker). Not someone, but a crapload of IP's. Still, making it virtually impossible to access the webserver. So naturally, me being a dumbass didn't have iptables all. Long story short, fixed it up with some iptables rules and blocking the offending IP's.


It's finally Friday, been waiting all week. I now have four spare processors, dual Xeon socket 604 processors. It'd be great if I could use them.... Also have some RAM too, 4GB's in total!

Torrentino has been running fine so far, server load has been low. PunBB uses a small amount of CPU usage, Torrentino itself (the system) uses next to nothing. One server for the front end + PHP, another for static content (CSS, images, etc.). I could have another server just for PHP processing, if needed. Well, atleast I'll have the hardware to expand ;)

New server

Bought some stuff from the Canonical store recently, supposedly it'll take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks. Awesome.

I took down all my local servers and building one larger one. For the last 8 hours or so, I've been trying to get it to work but no luck. Alright, check this out: Install Debian on HDD. Try to boot => instant restart. Back to the BIOS.
Like WTF?




We've experienced some downtime last night and this morning but we're back up and its all good.
 I thought of a new project the other day. In a nutshell, it is similar to Twitter but is used for development, beit web, software or whatever. So, for example say you have 5 other team members across the world. They would all have an account on the site. They could post what they are doing, ask for help, etc.. so other team members could respond. Post a comment if you have any ideas :D
 Anyway, today's Sunday, so I might go ahead and relax.

Web, log and mail server.

Thought I'd take it upon myself to create a mail server on 'roppie' (me server). It's now a log server also, I even got my router to send logs to it too. Interesting it is though, I have 'jlap' sending all its logs to roppie too. 'roppie' also runs a minimal web server (lighttpd + mysql, same as jlap) but also serves the logs out on HTTP so I can view them anywhere.


I've been busy with things lately but now since basketball season is over, I'm sure I'll be more productive. Anyway, I'll try to work on Server Stat(demo) a bit today then probably release it.

It's about time I get my dead server up and running, I've just been procrastinating. Anyway, I'm gonna do a little maintenance on my servers, then go work on something.

Log server/firewall

Flippy, my webserver which died back in December/November-ish has been sitting my desk, lifeless. So, I decided to turn it into a log server and firewall (running Debian, of course). I'll post some pics and specs later on.
I was looking into getting a switch (over a hub, which I have now). I think it would greatly improve my network performance (A D-Link DES-1024D 24 port 10/100).

Anyway, I haven't made any money with AdSense or PayPal donations, so that sorta sucks....

Refernece Wiki

I modified one of my own wiki scripts to conform with iWebKit to make a reference wiki. I was inspired by a PHP reference app in the AppStore so I decided to make my own (sorta). In short, you search for a function and view the correct syntax, etc... Sorta pointless but time consuming
Our team might go to the Provincials which is in March sometime
Anyway, Friday tomorrow w00t!

And the plot thickens....

Lighttpd on my server, Apache free.

Well, since my server was down for about a week and a half I decided to fix it. Apparently, apache2.conf and httpd.conf were both blank...wonderful. Fixed that, did the same thing; files went blank. Whatever, installed & configured Lighttpd and now its running smoother than ever. Using less RAM than before too. Configuring it with PHP was a breeze, now PHPMyAdmin works now too. 4 more days till Hell freezes over.
Got some more stuff to do, then bed.


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