WorkSimple 1.2.1 Change Language

Update: WorkSimple has been patched, and is no longer effected by the remore execution bug.


Well, I have a system of changing languages within the Control Panel. So far I have English, French and Japanese translations. The language system uses the same code as changing themes, title, tagline, etc... New languages will be added later. I'll also have to update the installer. More info to come....

WorkSimple 1.2.0 Elektro

Progress of Worksimple 1.2.0 Elektro has been good, now users can change the number of posts per page. I also added a new theme and am fixing up some code. The blogging/post creation part of WS (WorkSimple) has been fixed, where you had to post twice to see the first post. This is going to be the latest stable release, as the last one was version 1.0.2 Biomass. I'll release soon.


Its another Friday. Usually I would stay up till 4am, code then fall asleep on the couch. Its aaaalmost 3 and I haven't done shit all. I sorta plan to work on Torrentino, a beta Torrent search engine. I have most of the design done, but some more features such as a member system, stats, etc... WorkSimple 1.1.0 Beta 3 is finished, I'll upload as soon as I can. Update WorkSimple 1.2.0 Elektro is in the works now