Cwiki and uLug

A friend and I were talking the other day about a code wiki. Basically a wiki, but you can search, add, join, etc open source projects. So for example, search or browse for a project, join the project/group and contribute/~. This was sorta done with uLug, but not to a wiki extent. My server has been acting up lately, on Tuesday as 411 error from Lighty. Looked it up, seems to be an error with Firefox (I was using Firefox 2.0 on a MacBook). Then, when I got home today I got a kernel panic. Weird enough, I rebooted....nothing....rebooted....nothing....rebooted again...success. Its running fine now, it was just odd for me. I changed the password for the user(s), seems like root was logged in via SSH as well as me. Anyways, tomorrow is my last day. Friday, I plan to work on Web Host or WorkSimple. I'm off to get something to eat....

Y-Mas (not X)

Y-Mas is coming up, nothing really new. Hoping for a iPod touch (8, 16 or 32GB) (will be jailbroken the same day). Seems like you can do quite a bit with it, even SSH! So now I can see the temp of my server away from home! Anyways, I have basketball tonight and a tournament on Friday & Saturday.