It's finally Friday, been waiting all week. I now have four spare processors, dual Xeon socket 604 processors. It'd be great if I could use them.... Also have some RAM too, 4GB's in total!

Torrentino has been running fine so far, server load has been low. PunBB uses a small amount of CPU usage, Torrentino itself (the system) uses next to nothing. One server for the front end + PHP, another for static content (CSS, images, etc.). I could have another server just for PHP processing, if needed. Well, atleast I'll have the hardware to expand ;)

Oui, oui un autre serveur

Just installing Debian on another server. The main server (flippy) is down, failing HDD. The secondary/fallback server (jlap) is up though. Making the new server a CS:S/Ventrilo server, w00t. Anyway, I got some stuff to do so I'll post tomorrow or overmorrow.

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