'Twas bored the other day and made a little Twitter like script. Uses a flat file DB of course, but instead of adding a new post it updates it from the old one. I'll FTP that later on. 
Yes, yes I bought a new domain, I think its very...self descriptive :D I'm looking for a new favicon, so post a comment if you have any suggestions.

The torrent version of ImageShack

The concept came to me the other day. What about a torrent version of ImageShack, the popular image uploading site?
The base of the script (which I named TSquare, TBox is already taken ( is completed. It's mainly bound off of Torrentino but is more streamlined for performance issues. There are a couple of design issues (as I just switched to XHTML Strict too).

Progress on Torrentino

Worked some more on Torrentino ( ), fixed some minor bugs. I reloaded (meaning, 'cleaned out') the database so I'm starting new. Tweaked some things so it may be faster than before...ooooooooor maybe not.
Finally got my watch that I ordered on the 12th. 35$ USD from the site, 53$ in total (S&H)........then another 17$ for customs! It works alright though, the write speed is slooooooow, 6MB/s. Oh well, its still pretty cool though.

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