'Twas bored the other day and made a little Twitter like script. Uses a flat file DB of course, but instead of adding a new post it updates it from the old one. I'll FTP that later on. 
Yes, yes I bought a new domain, I think its very...self descriptive :D I'm looking for a new favicon, so post a comment if you have any suggestions.

New domain

I was thinking about getting a new domain, preferably something...unique. I was thinking about getting but...meh. would be cool to get, but I don't exactly have $129 to shell out. will expire in about 40 days and I felt like having something different. Comments are appreciated :)


My ISP phoned today, two times. I've been going over my monthly bandwidth cap every month, so I could understand that they are mad at me. Back in November, I went to 120GB's that month. January, I was at about 80GBs (60GBs is my cap).

I half put up an ad to sell Torrentino. I just don't have the time to maintain it anymore. Its come a long way since October 3rd.

Comments are appreciated :D

Just purchased '' (hopefully I spelled it right), so it should be active in the next 24 hours.
Update: Done, check it out:

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