WorkSimple 1.2.0 Elektro

Progress of Worksimple 1.2.0 Elektro has been good, now users can change the number of posts per page. I also added a new theme and am fixing up some code. The blogging/post creation part of WS (WorkSimple) has been fixed, where you had to post twice to see the first post. This is going to be the latest stable release, as the last one was version 1.0.2 Biomass. I'll release soon.


Well, I'm in need of some organization and focal point of WorkSimple. So, I'm thinking of renaming the WorkSimple project to 'Lumber'. Don't know why, don't really care. I'm off to play some Spore (yay!) but I'll work on Lumber (or uhhh LM) later.

Working Simple

I've changed my data structure 3 times now. Now, I finally have a working solution. Anyway, I guess it's in working order, I have made a installer so it can be integrate into any site easily and quickly. It's also style-able via CSS (I'll include some themes when I relase WorkSimple). It also has a login area so you can write posts without FTPing them.
EDIT: Now, you can browse the templates! Try here and here.


I finally thought of a name for my CMS: WorkSimple. Sounds easy enough, I'm still not sure whether to make/call it a CMS or a blog.... Heres the link: More to come

CMS In Progression

I'm writing the installer for the CMS which I am making (which I also need a name for). It's going to use JAB, AdAd and the same login system used for Web Host. EDIT: You can see (and use) a beta example of this CMS here
More details to come.

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