Dual Xeon build

I've had these Xeon processors sitting around for a while now and I thought it's about time to get a motherboard for them. Two are clocked at 3.0Ghz/1MB/800, other two are at 2.8Ghz/512/533. I ordered a Super Micro X6DVL-EG2  from eBay for $120 of which I seen this motherboard up to $250. Anyway, came the other day and finally put it together. Heatsinks didn't screw into the case as it should, so I had to screw the nut right onto the heatsink. 

The BIOS has a plethora of options to mess around with, most of which I don't even know. XP x64 running on here and it's running quite good. My first 64-bit system :)

Other than that, I haven't done any coding. Although I did make a change or two to Sysode the other day. 

Gros Mammouth

Well, I've been caught up with school and such so I haven't had much time for blogging (well I have....its just that I'm lazy). Anyway, I turned my CSS server (roppie) into a web server, running here and the main website is here. We had 2 games today, lost one won the other and 2 games tomorrow, yaay...... Well, I'm off to go watch a movie or something....


Got a basketball tournament tomorrow and saturday, so I probably won't get anything done. About time I should be getting to bed, I'll post tomorrow or sunday.