'Twas bored the other day and made a little Twitter like script. Uses a flat file DB of course, but instead of adding a new post it updates it from the old one. I'll FTP that later on. 
Yes, yes I bought a new domain, I think its very...self descriptive :D I'm looking for a new favicon, so post a comment if you have any suggestions.


We've experienced some downtime last night and this morning but we're back up and its all good.
 I thought of a new project the other day. In a nutshell, it is similar to Twitter but is used for development, beit web, software or whatever. So, for example say you have 5 other team members across the world. They would all have an account on the site. They could post what they are doing, ask for help, etc.. so other team members could respond. Post a comment if you have any ideas :D
 Anyway, today's Sunday, so I might go ahead and relax.

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