1.2.2a. release

WorkSimple 1.3.0

Here's a little screenshot of the upcoming release of WorkSimple 1.3.0:

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

WorkSimple 1.2.2a Bug

A bug has been discovered in WorkSimple 1.2.2a where $lang isn't being defined so no text displays. For users that are using 1.2.2a, add this to your /data/conf.php file:
$lang = "langs/en.lang.php";
WorkSimple 1.2.2b will be released soon, fixing this bug and improving the all together code.

WorkSimplel 1.2.2a released!

WorkSimple 1.2.2a has been released! Check the download page or click here to download [ZIP]

Comments and ideas are appreciated :)

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