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With Ymas coming up, it makes me realize all the blogging I've done in the last year. I'm glad I got as much traffic as I did, surprised even. Anyway, here are some highlights of the last year or so.

Most viewed article: How I got Debian Lenny working on my Eee.
Debian is my favourite distro of all-time, so after getting it working on my Eee (which some people had problems with) I thought I'd write a post on it. And well, I did. Runner up is the Eee wallpapers that I made.

Most dugg post: How to: Turn a wireless router into an access point
This one surprised me. After turning two routers into an access point, I thought I might as well post about it. 36 diggs. I know that's not a lot, but a lot for me! It still continues to be a popular listing on Google.

Most popular project: WorkSimple
I can't believe people use this. Apparently, it's quite popular on Hot Scripts. It has stayed on the first page of the 'PHP blog categorey' for quite some time now, occasionally setting the to the second page. WorkSimple needs lots of work, version 1.3.2 needs releasing. The 1.3.x branch should have followed the 1.3.0 Solar beta (screenshot here), but didn't. 

Despite all my other projects, this stayed on top; which is still odd for me.

This post sounds exactly like this year, which is odd.

I guess that's about it, nothing else exciting really happened. As usual, any comments/thoughts are appreciated :)




10 ways to promote your blog

Here's a list comprised of the tools and techniques I used to promote this and other sites:

1. Twitter

Millions of people use Twitter, why don't you?

2. Forums

Target your niche of blog or site by joining the appropriate forum and post links in your signature.

3. Directories

Submit your site/blog to a link directory.

4. BlogCatalog
Connect with other bloggers and promote your blog.

Post comments on other peoples blog; chances are they'll post comments on yours.

6. Backlinks
Trade links with other webmasters/bloggers.
7. Dofollow

Make sure your blog is dofollow

8. P2P
Beleive it or not, I posted links to Torrentino in multiple torrent comments and readme files.

9. Find your niche
You must find your niche on the internet. Build your personality. Sure reading a blog about someones everyday life might be interesting, but reading a blog about someones life as a janitor might be even more interesting.

10. Give away stuff

Everybody likes free stuff. Give away domains, ebooks, knowledge, whatever it may be.


Anyway, I hope that helps anyone who needs more traffic to their site :)

Comments are appreciated.


I'm not into social networking or that kind of stuff, but I decided to join Twitter instead. I installed two apps for my iPod for Twitter and I guess I exceed 100 requests an hour.
...So I decided to make my own microblogging site. Sounds like another useless script....but oh well, something to pass the time. Sounds like a good idea? Leave a comment and let me know.


It seems I get quite a number of hits from this blog entry. Below, I've included the microblogging script I made. 

Download here:

To install/use this script, create a directory called 'db' in your doc root and move 'team.csv' in there, also put 'ptb_ini.php' and 'pjjtextbase.php' in your doc root. And that's it. The script is quite infinished and exhibits horrible coding. Use at your own risk ;)

Torrentino & WorkSimple Progress

Progress on Torrentino has been slow. Really, theres one major bug that needs to be fixed (the Browse page, when the torrents update # of seeds, leechs, etc..) and other than that, its good to go. The ACP could use a little work, but whatever. The current theme is uhh....useable. Maybe there'll be another one. On the other hand, I've been working on WorkSimple lately. Version 1.2.2 should be coming out soon, as soon I get this one thing figured out..... This will fix the major security flaws in version 1.2.1. Its about 03:00 hrs here, 'twas play Fallout 3 for some hours before. Well, I'm off to go play LEGO (yes, thats right, LEGO(I'm that bored)), I'll post back uhhhh tomorrow or today...whatever.

Version 1.2.1 of WorkSimple, new and old.

WorkSimple 1.2.1 released!

Well I've been working on two version of WorkSimple lately. Version 1.2.1 which has multiple language support and some bugs fixed and also a brand new version of WorkSimple. Updated design and code. I'll release version 1.2.1 and work on the new version exclusively .

WorkSimple 1.2.0 Elektro

Progress of Worksimple 1.2.0 Elektro has been good, now users can change the number of posts per page. I also added a new theme and am fixing up some code. The blogging/post creation part of WS (WorkSimple) has been fixed, where you had to post twice to see the first post. This is going to be the latest stable release, as the last one was version 1.0.2 Biomass. I'll release soon.