How to: Use seperate local MySQL DB

This was quite frustrating for me. I tried everything; why doesn't it connect to to the database? I finally figured it out: wrong IP. Anyway, here are some tricks that I used to get Server A to connect to Server B, with MySQL.

First things first. Change your bind-address. For Debian, edit your my.cnf in /etc/mysql
Change the bind-address to your local LAN IP. Restart MySQL with:


/etc/init.d/mysql restart



Now to tackle MySQL...


mysql -u root -p

Create the user and assign privileges:

Note, should be the clients IP, not the servers.

CREATE USER 'user1'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'pass1';


GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'user1'@'';

And finally create the database:

create database databasename;

 I'm no SQL guru, so please correct me if I messed up ;)

Hope that helps!