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Been playing Halo lately, if anyone wants to play against me, look for the server named '1337 h4xx0rz'.

VPS plans under $10

Edit: 2014-02-03 Most of these providers are no longer, but I'll keep this table here for reference.

I was in the neighborhood in buying VPS but I wanted something under $10 a month. Anyway, here are some choices for VPS's under $10/month (all in USD). 



So around 11:49 (or so) I woke up, checked 4Box Hosting's email to see if there was any new stuff. Every two hours, a cron job runs so I get a shitload of emails. Anyway, so I finally see an email notifying me that I there is a new support tickets. Great. Wonderful. The last thing I wanted to do was to get my ass out of bed. Finally answered the ticket, well not fully but good enough. One of our best customers ordered another package, which is fine but he/she wanted their old WordPress DB backed up and then restored with us. More fun! 

10 ways to promote your blog

Here's a list comprised of the tools and techniques I used to promote this and other sites:
1. Twitter
Millions of people use Twitter, why don't you?
2. Forums
Target your niche of blog or site by joining the appropriate forum and post links in your signature.
3. Directories
Submit your site/blog to a link directory.
4. BlogCatalog

New content!

My blog is quite...boring. Monotone. Uninteresting. You name it. So, the next couple blog posts are gonna be 'helpful' you could say. Tutorials (PHP, GIMP, Linux skills, etc..), news, hacks and so on.

Just got back from a nice tiring bike ride. Only -2C out side, so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go work on my Twitter-clone, or sleep. Sleeping sounds better.

New domain

I was thinking about getting a new domain, preferably something...unique. I was thinking about getting but...meh. would be cool to get, but I don't exactly have $129 to shell out. will expire in about 40 days and I felt like having something different. Comments are appreciated :)


This past week has been a blur. It's like this week never happened. I've done nothing really, other than promoting ShareItUp, try to get stuff done with WorkSimple and mess around with my servers. I still need to get $7 from somewhere to renew this domain (

Digg buttons

I added a Digg button module to the site, so incase you find something interesting you can Digg it! I'll also remove the Donate button from the site, makes me look desperate. I'll have to renew this domain or else it expires in 43 days.

I was sorta (meaning, not commited) to working on WorkSimple. Version 1.2.3 should be released soon, a minor release.

Yargh, me be loving me jailbroken iPod Touch! The Cydia store is pretty cool, it's going to be PayPal supported (or so I read) soon.

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Spring break!

Finally spring break. Now I can finally get caught up to all the [half-ass] work I gotta get done.

My web hoster  needed a status script to show which server was online and offline. I whipped up a little script for them, check it out here:

My Jailbroken iPod Touch 2G!

Sitting on the couch, I came across a Lifehacker article about the 2G being jailbroken. I almost shit my pants, I got up off the couch and did some serious Googling. An hour later, I had mine jailbroken too. Anyways, I'd like to share some links with you guys (who ever is reading this) for those who have a 2G and know nothing about jailbreaking their iPod.

Heres the tool that I used: QuickFreedom
Follow the onscreen instuctions (which are easy as hell) and you're good to go. It should take just under an hour. Where you create your custom firmware, you can choose your own boot image (I tried a custom one, but it wouldn't build the firmware).
Once that is finished, where do you go now? Update Installer and some of the repos.

What about installing 'cracked apps' (which in most cases is illegal) ? Check this link out:
In a nutshell, you update your "MobileInstallation" file, download & install any app from the AppStore and install any app of your choice via iTunes (by supplying the .ipa)

Here are some pics of my homescreen and various other screens:


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