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While reading the Loving Tech, I discoverediWebKit. Whats iWebKit? Well, in a nutshell it gives you tools to create a bridge between a mobile website and a iPhone/iPod Touch App. What does this mean? You can make some beautiful websites, easily. For a demo click here. Anyway, I made my private messaging system (which I codenamed 'MailX') a nice little conversion using iWebKit. Check it out here. Its not completely finished, but it works! So grab your iPod or iPhone and check it out!

Ads & Donate button

Well, I added a Adsense banner a little while ago to hope to earn some money. I also just added a PayPal Donate button, in case anyone is generous enough. The donate button is on every page, so I'll have to change that.


Went for a walk today, and took some pictures. Most of them were blurry, I picked out the best ones and put them on my Flickr page. Anyway, I sorta feel like working on mail, adding a style, making a mobile version and maybe putting it on my [personal] server.
I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow (school that is). I think I'm gonna go play some Quake or maybe get started on CS:S.....

Just purchased '' (hopefully I spelled it right), so it should be active in the next 24 hours.
Update: Done, check it out:


I sorta got a working messaging system, as mentioned in my previous post. I'll FTP it to one of my servers and post the link back here.
I have basketball practice tonight, though I planned to put together flippy and physically move roppie, my CS:S server. jlap has been up 22 days, which is great.
Anyway, gonna have a little something to eat and go to practice.

How I got Debian Lenny working on my Eee.

Updated March 16 2009

Well, I thought I would post a tutorial on how I got Lenny working on my Eee, incase people are having problems. This will loosely be based on the Debian EeePC wiki and also this blog post, so this content is not 100% from me, only what worked. Just for a note, my EeePC is a 701 4GB (with camera)

FB App

Been trying to get the PHP Facebook (FB) library working on my local server. Got it working to some extent but I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method FacebookRestClient::users_isAppAdded() in /var/www/fb/memo/appinclude.php on line 14
which is just wonderful.
I have all of the LOTR eBooks so I'm off to go read them on my Eee (which is now running Lenny!)

Another iPod Touch post

Guess who can access their music and any other's (while running Simplify media server)? Me! I figured out that while I have Simplify running, who ever's I also connected to previously I can browse while connected via WiFi. No need to put new music on my iPod, just stream it now.

iPod Touch

Now, I can stream my entire music collection and listen to it on my iPod touch using Simplify. Run the server on your computer (Windows, OS X AND EVEN LINUX!) and connect to it with your iPod. The only thing you pay for is the app on your iPod, which is 3,99$ (CAD). I was trying to get TVersity working on my Dads computer so I could watch videos from his computer. Anyway, I'm installing Simplify Media server on this computer right now, I'll post back in a bit.

iPod Touch 2G

So, I received a Fuji S1000fd (with a 8GB SD card) and also a iPod Touch 2nd generation 8GB for Ymas. I got SSH and some wifi finder apps on my iPod, too bad it wasn't the 1st generation so I could jailbreak it. Oh well, its pretty cool already.
I never had an iTunes account, so I had to sign up for one because download/installing apps required one. So I go to sign up and I need enter a credit card number. Outraged, I Googled my problem. I came to a video on Youtube on how to register without a card. Worked flawlessly and I can download/install apps now!


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