Another iPod Touch post

Guess who can access their music and any other's (while running Simplify media server)? Me! I figured out that while I have Simplify running, who ever's I also connected to previously I can browse while connected via WiFi. No need to put new music on my iPod, just stream it now.

Debian on my Eee

I installed Debian on my 701 4GB Eee the other day. Runs perfectly, I couldn't ask for more. The only thing I need to fix is wifi. I either use the MadWifi or the Atheros drivers. Doesn't sounds too hard, I had it working before...apparently. Not sure if sound works or not, I don't use it that much so I disabled it in the BIOS to save power.

Something is wrong with my server.... I tried to access it via SSH & HTTP and nothing. Turn on the monitor; kernel panic. Whatever, I rebooted. CRC error. Rebooted; works fine but Apache doesn't start.

DIY WiFi pop can dish

Anyone use their Nintendo WiFi [USB] connector?
Neither did I, until I found out that I can use it on my Windows machine. Never the less, I inserted it into my Eee (running Backtrack 3) and it worked, instantly. Now, I made my own Pepsi can dish and a LEGO tower. EDIT: I finally booted into Fluxbox :D

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