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I've been profoundly confused on what to do with two new servers. At the moment, I have a total of three servers; a BitTorrent tracker, web server and NAS (NFS server). Now, what I was thinking was setting up a load balancing scheme using VS via NAT. Essentially, build one of the servers as a load balancer and turn the other one into a http node. The only problem with that is redundancy. Say if the load balancer fails for whatever reason, I'm screwed.


As some have you noticed, my site (geekness.eu) has been suspended the last couple days. How? It all started when Torrentino was undergoing maintainence. I needed to move Torrentino to a server, so I could work on Torrentino a little more which I ended up parking torrentino.net and torrentino.info here (on my account).


Red meat

Since my boredom has been growing substantially over the last couple days, I thought of building a SAN. Yes, a SAN, not a NAS. Get another web server running and put it in a round robin type config. Set up a SAN for centeralized storage (among other things), then yay!


Really, it's just an excuse to build more servers and use ports on my 24 port switch....


WorkSimple 1.2.3 was released the other day, improved on some things, 'optimized' some code.

Working with Synergy

Having to switch between computer to computer [locally] is tiresome. Yes that's right, rotating your head 75 degrees hurts after a while, nevermind the shift in your body. 

I have a tri-monitor setup, plus two laptops. Moving my hands each time to keyboard sucks. This is where Synergy comes in. In short, it's software KVM, so to speak. That means no special hardware. Share one keyboard/mouse between multiple clients. Interesting, eh?

Here's a quick tutorial on getting it set up.


How to: Turn a wireless router into an access point

When I purchased my Linksys BEFSX41 I had two spare wireless routers a D-Link WBR-1310 and a WBR-2310 respectively. What to do? Turn them into wireless AP's (access points) of course! Increase your wireless coverage, look cool!


First thing's first, set up DHCP on your main router. For me it's the BEFSX41. Set your DHCP range, for example giving you some room for wireless devices.

'or 1=1

Jeez, almost been a week since my last blog post. Recently, I've been working on Sysode more and more. Numerous bugs have been fixed, yet there are more and more features everytime I work on it. It's open for registration, but more than likely your account will be deleted if you end up signing up.
I'm open for any feedback on it :D

TPB sold out

'Drinking' from the /. Firehose, I came across numerous stories that TPB sold out. Couple minutes later after some Googling, it seems they sold TPB for 7.8$ million (SEK 60 million). I bet they'll be going the Napster way of things and make shitloads of money.


New router

A new router wasn't really necessary, but I thought I'd get one anyway. I ended up purchasing a Linksys BEFSX41. Pretty cool router, it includes a firewall and VPN end point. What I thought was (for some reason) that the router would act as a VPN server. That's not the case. I'd need to run a server in my LAN for it to be accessible WAN wide.
Since you could do a round robin setup with a DNS server, could you not do the same but with a web server?


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