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Boot's 'n cats

If you say "boots 'n cats" relatively fast, it sounds like you're beatboxing. Sorta sick right now, haven't really had the energy to work on anything (other than a little bit of Sysode).

Pi tattoo

Got my pi tattoo yesterday, pain wasn't that bad after all. It's like someone keeps pinching you in the same spot...and won't stop. Click here for a picture. Oh yeah, and it's me birthday today ;)



Finally, school is almost done so maybe I'll have a little more time for my projects and such.

I've been working on Sysode lately, and it's been coming along. It's still very beta, so register if you must.
Me birthday is on the 23rd, and I've been thinking of getting a pi tattoo, maybe shoulder blade or chest somewhere. If not, was thinking about a Blackberry 8330. The G1 is on Rogers and I'm on Bell for the next 2 years....
Anyway, finally get some time off so going to go play ET:QW

WorkSimple 1.2.2c

Now that I have a new domain [geekness.eu], most of my old scripts point to the old address [2500mhz.info]. WorkSimple defiantly needs to be upgraded. If I come around to it, I'll check things out and release 1.2.2c sometime soon.

Edit: WS 1.2.2c released!

Google Chrome dev on Linux

Google officially released Chrome for Mac and Linux.

Grab the x86 .deb package here, and run dpkg -i google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb


Sysode is a simplified file backup system for developers. Really, none of the code has been put together as I'm still 'brainstorming'. It's mainly targeted at single developers or small teams, for backup and archival purposes. (Free of course)
"Hey, did you get version YZ from X?"


"Login to our Sysode account and get it!"
Not sure how [specifically] it's going to work. Setting up a good API so [other] developers can write stuff for it is a must.

Keyboard cleaning

Clean your keyboard(s) with Post-its. That's right. Take one note and shove the sticky side down between the keys. Works beautifully, you'd be surprised the stuff that I picked up.


Got around to updating everything today. Updated 4Box Hosting's website, torrentino.net's whois in fo, my portfolio and my LinkedIn page.


Went camping all weekend, not as fun as I thought it would be.


Server's been running fine, the tracker has been running smooth too. A nice 19" rack would be nice....



I haven't been blogging lately due to the interestingness of my life. Really, nothing interesting or worth blogging about has happened. Most of my attention is focused towards Torrentino now (just set up another server today).
As I said, set up another server today; just for the tracker as the tracker was also running on the main webserver. So, I NIC teamed two NIC's together on the tracker box, and it's working fiiiine.

Anyway, finally the weekend tomorrow. Going camping too, so I have some time to reeelaaax.


Ma benz

Downloaded some more music (close to 20K now), more French rap. Some if it's alright, I especially like  Suprême NTM. The other stuff, it just doesn't seem to 'flow' to me. Someone like Edo Maajka really flows well, but a song by, say, Rohff, just doesn't do it for me. I like Asa too :)
Anyway, pointless post; haven't posted in a while. Torrentino has taken up most of me time.
Comments are appreciated ;)


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