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Got a basketball tournament tomorrow and saturday, so I probably won't get anything done. About time I should be getting to bed, I'll post tomorrow or sunday.


Progress on Torrentino

Worked some more on Torrentino (http://torrentino.2500mhz.info ), fixed some minor bugs. I reloaded (meaning, 'cleaned out') the database so I'm starting new. Tweaked some things so it may be faster than before...ooooooooor maybe not.
Finally got my watch that I ordered on the 12th. 35$ USD from the site, 53$ in total (S&H)........then another 17$ for customs! It works alright though, the write speed is slooooooow, 6MB/s. Oh well, its still pretty cool though.


Nothing exciting has been happening lately. I've had school last week (and this week, of course), so I've been sorta occupied.
Monday I ordered a 'USB Memory Watch 4GB' from ThinkGeek.com, so it should be in today, hopefully.
Anyway, since there is nothing else to post about errr I'mma going to go play Fallout 3......


Had a basketball tournament all weekend, so I finally get Sunday to my self. One thing that I noticed that was sorta cool (while at the hotel), is that they had a proxy server set up. You connect to their open wireless network, but you can't make any outgoing connections until you enter an access code (which directs you to 192.168.x.x). So, I went to the front desk and picked up an access code. Sorta smart, but why not have encryption on the signal?

Anyway, I'm off to go do stuff today so I probably won't get a chance to code errr whatever.........

Free web hosting, you say?

Yes, thats right! I've been doing a little more work on Web Host (web site hosting script) and planning on doing some free web hosting. Although I need to get my other server configured properly, I'll be using my own custom script. So far, the limits are:
-500KB per account (WILL be changed)
- Allowed file types (So far): .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .html, .htm
- Blacklisted files types (So far): .php, .phtml, .php3, .php4, .php5, .exe, .js, .inc
I still need to modify somethings first, allow CSS, maybe Javascript and update the members control panel (CP). Also, the URLs will be shorter. Instead of:
www.example.com/members/username it will probably end up being:

How I got Debian Lenny working on my Eee.

Updated March 16 2009

Well, I thought I would post a tutorial on how I got Lenny working on my Eee, incase people are having problems. This will loosely be based on the Debian EeePC wiki and also this blog post, so this content is not 100% from me, only what worked. Just for a note, my EeePC is a 701 4GB (with camera)

Torrentino & WorkSimple Progress

Progress on Torrentino has been slow. Really, theres one major bug that needs to be fixed (the Browse page, when the torrents update # of seeds, leechs, etc..) and other than that, its good to go. The ACP could use a little work, but whatever. The current theme is uhh....useable. Maybe there'll be another one.
On the other hand, I've been working on WorkSimple lately. Version 1.2.2 should be coming out soon, as soon I get this one thing figured out..... This will fix the major security flaws in version 1.2.1.

FB App

Been trying to get the PHP Facebook (FB) library working on my local server. Got it working to some extent but I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method FacebookRestClient::users_isAppAdded() in /var/www/fb/memo/appinclude.php on line 14
which is just wonderful.
I have all of the LOTR eBooks so I'm off to go read them on my Eee (which is now running Lenny!)


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