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Lighttpd on my server, Apache free.

Well, since my server was down for about a week and a half I decided to fix it. Apparently, apache2.conf and httpd.conf were both blank...wonderful. Fixed that, did the same thing; files went blank. Whatever, installed & configured Lighttpd and now its running smoother than ever. Using less RAM than before too. Configuring it with PHP was a breeze, now PHPMyAdmin works now too. 4 more days till Hell freezes over.
Got some more stuff to do, then bed.

Red Fire

Just got home a little while ago, from a basketball tournament. So far, we're 3-1.

I got some energy drinks, so I sort of planning on coding. Perhaps working on Torrentino, or something of the sort. Theres LOTS to do with WorkSimple, I mean LOTS. I have to recode EVERYTHING. Rather not right now, Torrentino seems easier to work on. I still need to get the browse part working properly.
I'm off to go do something, I'll post back Sunday or Monday.

Y-Mas (not X)

Y-Mas is coming up, nothing really new. Hoping for a iPod touch (8, 16 or 32GB) (will be jailbroken the same day). Seems like you can do quite a bit with it, even SSH! So now I can see the temp of my server away from home!

Anyways, I have basketball tonight and a tournament on Friday & Saturday.

Debian on my Eee

I installed Debian on my 701 4GB Eee the other day. Runs perfectly, I couldn't ask for more. The only thing I need to fix is wifi. I either use the MadWifi or the Atheros drivers. Doesn't sounds too hard, I had it working before...apparently. Not sure if sound works or not, I don't use it that much so I disabled it in the BIOS to save power.

Something is wrong with my server.... I tried to access it via SSH & HTTP and nothing. Turn on the monitor; kernel panic. Whatever, I rebooted. CRC error. Rebooted; works fine but Apache doesn't start.


Haven't done much lately, was supposed to install Mythbuntu on a spare computer; that never happened. Discovered a bug in TT, havent fixed it yet.
Got a basketball tourny next Friday and Saturday. Sounds fun. We don't have any plays yet, wonderful. Anyways, I'm off to get something to chew on or something of the sort.....oh well....

(What bland posts I have, I need to have a motivation to blog....)


Yay Monday! Not.
I got nothing done today (coding wise), which isn't a problem but apparently my IP changed. Weird, got home tried to access my server. Nope. SSH'd using the internal IP, works. External. Nope. Did a simple 'whats my ip' search and my IP had chnaged during the day, which is really...strange (may be its just me). (I don't think anyone cares)

Progress on Torrentino

I've been working more on Torrentino (TT) lately. I got AdBrite ads on there and I also fixed some other stuff too. I added a admin interface with a login system so everything essential is done. The next thing to fix/add is comments for each torrent and also have multiple pages for showing the files in the torrent. Anyways, I'm going to try Mythbuntu right now, it came in my magazine the yesterday. I'll report on how it goes tomorrow...or so...

(I didn't realize how boring these blog posts are.....jeez)


I've been working more on Torrentino now, almost finishing everything that is essential. I only have the admin interface left then I can add extra stuff.
So far, Torrentino is coming together pretty good

Well, there really is nothing else to talk about. Back to coding....


I haven't really been doing much lately. I got another server up and running that I made...for shits and giggles. I'm sorta planning on working on either WS or Torrentino later....whatever. Tired, need food/sleep/friends/social life/more RAM


Well I guess I could post about
Torrentino. It a free (anonymous?) public torrent search engine. All coded in PHP of course :D So far, you can add, search, browse and such for torrents. There is lots to fix and add, so check back soon.
Heres the link again: www.torrentino.2500mhz.info


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