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Just installed Ubuntu Eee 8.04 on my 701 4GB Eee. Simply amazing. Oh wait a sec, I had a whole buncha pictures that I forgot to back up....oh well. Ubuntu on the go, just awesome.
More to come


I just released WS Beta 1 (named Charcoal) available here: http://2500mhz.info/node/22
There is also a how-to install tutorial and a tips page too.

I shall be working on WS Beta 2 (Or at least a stable release) tonight so check back later on....

Qua, Qua, Qua....

...d monitors. Whipped down to Staples and picked up another 19" widescreen monitor, so now that makes three (3) 19" widescreen (LCD) monitors and one (1) 19" CRT (All on one computer = quad monitors). The new one is a HP w1907 with VGA and DVI, and surprisingly it has speakers (which I didn't find out till I got home). More to come.....


For once, I have nothing to post about. I haven't gotten anywhere in coding (atleast, not yet).
Work still sucks, I got my paid today, althought it's not in my bank account 'till tomorrow.

I was [quite] bored and found this quote (it seems to describe every Friday and Saturday night for me):
"Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code."

I'll come back and post either tomorrow or Friday, or sometime when I have inspiration.....

Working Simple

I've changed my data structure 3 times now. Now, I finally have a working solution. Anyway, I guess it's in working order, I have made a installer so it can be integrate into any site easily and quickly. It's also style-able via CSS (I'll include some themes when I relase WorkSimple). It also has a login area so you can write posts without FTPing them.
EDIT: Now, you can browse the templates! Try here and here.


I finally thought of a name for my CMS: WorkSimple. Sounds easy enough, I'm still not sure whether to make/call it a CMS or a blog.... Heres the link: http://geekness.eu/cms/ More to come


I finally think I'm going to learn PostgreSQL as this current webhost (4fd.us) supports it (thanks to mknjhill) and also has phpPgAdmin.
I got some energy drinks and some 6-hour energy pills so I think I'll be good tonight and hopefully get some work done.

My Portfolio

My in-progress portfolio is available here: http://2500mhz.info/portfolio/

(It uses Drupal :D)

CMS In Progression

I'm writing the installer for the CMS which I am making (which I also need a name for). It's going to use JAB, AdAd and the same login system used for Web Host. EDIT: You can see (and use) a beta example of this CMS here
More details to come.

Can you say: QUAD MONITORS!!

Yep, thats right. I just got another video card and now I have quad monitors. Next paycheck I'm going to buy another 19" W monitor. Oh man, this is great. I'll post back in a bit



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