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Qui est l'exemple

School's started, which is just great. I won't go into great detail, as it'll bore the shit out of my readers (that is, if I have any).

I'm in an 'IT' course, if you can call it that. So far, it's ridiculously easy.
"Ooh, get it to boot from CD/DVD, start up Norton Ghost, and install XP using the image provided".
Yes, and people needed help doing that. People who were already in the same class last year, needed help.

What made me LOL, is when the teacher asked how many computers [and what they run] everyone had. Course, he didn't get to me. Anyway, seems like everyone uses Vista (kewl dewd) or some 1337 h4xx0r use Windows 7!

Lockpicks and CD's

Received my 17 piece lockpick set today and my three CD's I ordered from Psyshop. Funny, Psyshop is based in Germany and IIRC, Southord is based in Oregon (which is almost right below me geographically.) and yet they both arrived at the same time.

Because Wednesday is that much more interesting

Less than a week 'till school starts; you'd be surprised how enthused I am. Tomorrow I get to pick out my locker, fun. So excited. Bouncing off the walls, excited. That's right.

Anyway, I finally received two more servers. One, I just turned into a SmoothWall firewall, which is working excellent I must say. Worked out of the box, cool web interface as well.

The other, I'm not too sure what to do with yet. Turns out, this is faster than my newest web server. I think I'll take the disk out of the newest one, pop it into my NFS server, add another disk from somewhere and put it in a RAID 5 array. Which would be quite intriguing, since I've never worked with RAID before.

WorkSimple nearing major release soon

 WorkSimple will be nearing a major release soon, with 1.3.0 (making the old version 1.3.0 a fork (which has yet to be completed)). Some of the new features/stuff include:

  • Completely new module system, making it easier to add/create new modules.
  • HTML code cleaned up
  • Blogging system codebase re-coded
  • Installation process streamlined

 and numerous other stuff and bugs fixed.

The art of lockpicking: a mini guide

I've recently taken up the hobby of lockpicking. I've ordered a set yesterday, so they should arrive in the next couple weeks. I'm sure these will be much easier than a paperclip and a screwdriver. Here's a mini guide who those curious one.

Anyway, I found that either two paperclips or a paperclip + flathead screwdriver work as a makeshift lockpick set. Bend the paper clip straight out, but leaving one end bend to have some kind of leverage. Bend the tip of the paperclip to a 20-35 degree angle. That's the pick.

I've also made a rake, by bending a paperclip in a mountain-valley formation.

As for a tension wrench, a flathead screw driver or another paperclip works. Simply bend the paperclip at a 90 degree angle so you have an L shape. It also depends on the size of the key hole and how much room you have to work with. There are numerous ways to bend a paperclip to work as a tool (in this fashion), so use what works for you.

Now, to pick it.

I'm scared of MySQL

Photo taken by me!

I've been using PHP for a bit over a year and half. It's come to my conclusion, that I've never used MySQL in any of my applications. I think I'm scared of reliance.

I tend to use either a simple flat file (like WorkSimple) or pjjTextBase (Torrentino for example) because they're quite easy to manipulate. I'm not sure why I don't use MySQL, being PHP's soul. Everything you see nowadays for PHP uses MySQL.

None of my applications use MySQL (or anything that is 'modern'). Hell, Sysode, Torrentino and Ticketo (my larger projects) all use PTB. Plus, flat file is faster. Skip the middleman, and write directly to the file system. Additionally, I tend to keep my projects/scripts small.

Born again Torrentino

Photo by * Cati Kaoe *

After virtually no offers on Torrentino,Torrentino is back up and running. (Might be slow at the moment). Now, to fit in a niche, it's a electronic music tracker + search engine. Enough to satisfy my needs ;) I'm a psytrance addict and sometimes it's hard to find the albums I want. Anyway, it has new categories (numerical system now, used to be by keyword) and most of the code has been looked over and over...and over.

Edit: I no longer own Torrentino.net


I read this way back when, and thought it was a pretty cool project. Now, I've sorta invented my own take on it. Here's how it works:



I've taken up the challenge of learning Russian with RosettaStone. Russian isn't one of those languages that you can learn in a month (IMO). RosettaStone is actually pretty cool software, though, what makes me mad is it doesn't give you the direct meaning. Sure, it'll show you a picture of a man and you match it up, but some of the pictures it's up to the users judgement.


Я ухожу (Ставлю точку)

Photo by Sam Takes Photos'

It's official, I'm selling Torrentino. I've had no time to maintain it at all, it's a great site though. Hand coded from scratch, which I'm quite proud of. Anyway, selling it for $30, but I'll take anything else (use the Contact page if you have an offer).


Scary that I post less and less these days. I have been doing nothing the last couple weeks. I 'have' seasons one through 6 of The Sopranos which I've been watching non-stop. Bruno (movie) was quite disapointing, not as funny as I thought.

Some nice SYN flood attacks

 For the last week or so, my server(s) externally have been slow as hell. Now, me being not so investigative didn't check my routers logs. Well, let's just say someone was DDoS'ing me. Oh no, not the web servers. Just the tracker (Torrentino's tracker). Not someone, but a crapload of IP's. Still, making it virtually impossible to access the webserver. So naturally, me being a dumbass didn't have iptables configured....at all. Long story short, fixed it up with some iptables rules and blocking the offending IP's.


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