End of year

I wish I had time to work on my projects (Torrentino.net expired a little while ago) since most of them need updating. WorkSimple is in a somewhat stable state. Good news though, I might be getting geekness.eu back. I was too lazy to renew it and lost it.


Nothing new has happened, making this a rather boring blog post (nothing out of the usual). Maybe once I get my domain back I'll get my ass to work and fix up this site (broken links and such) and some of my unfinished projects.


WorkSimple needs a complete overhaul, the main code was used in JAB (Just Another Blog) around two years ago but was using text files instead. The administration side of WorkSimple needs to improve greatly.

School's almost out, 'bout another three weeks then that's it. 

Quick post is quick

Life's been the same, my blogging life has swindled down as well. I have an old 5" TV/radio (it has a handle on top!) of which I connected to a VCR hooked to one of my spare computers. You get a mess of cables and a very very small monitor. I had to sit an inch away from it to read anything.

Sysode has caught my interest again, I've added some new features too. Fixed some bugs and added the ability for public viewing of the project, check it out.

Celebrated 100 days of uptime on my fileserver the other day. I mainly use it as a SMB/FTP/NFS server and I can say it's pretty solid. 500MHz with 512MB's of RAM, and my first RAID experience as well.

Other than that, it's been quite boring. This is meant as a recap of the things that I've done, though I'm not in a rush.