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Base64 image uploading to Pasteros

Pasteros now has JPEG handling abilities when pastes are uploaded with base64 data (see commit). Convert your image to base64 like this and view it by add .jpg to the end of the paste ! I also wrote a command line utility that uploads a selected screenshot area to Pasteros.


Tags to

Tags have been added to, so now pastes can be "grouped" together, making it a bit easier to manage. For example, see A delete URL is still on my todo list, but that shouldn't be too difficult to implement.

Pasteros update

Worked some more on Pasteros, cloud based text storage lately and added some more features. Now you can download a paste or view it raw. Also, it displays how long ago the paste was submitted. The design colours still suck of course. There's an API (of some sort) so feel free to check it out.

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