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Backtrack 3 on eeePC

I finally got Backtrack 3 working on my 4GB 701 ASUS Eee, following this tutorial. Worked perfectly, and I was able to crack 64 & 128 bit WEP at home under 5 minutes flawlessly. Although, Backtrack 3 beta has a installer, but Backtrack 3 final doesn't. So, I downloaded the installer from TPB and continued on (of course, I partitioned before). The installer took about 15~ minutes. I actually prefer this over Ubuntu Eee, which I had before. Everything worked on the LiveCD (I used a 4GB USB jump drive ), wireless, sound, video and so on. More results to come...


Doesn't appear you've linked to the tutorial?

Ignore it, your CSS made the link look like normal text =P

I made the link bold as to prevent future confusion :P

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