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Debian on my Eee

I installed Debian on my 701 4GB Eee the other day. Runs perfectly, I couldn't ask for more. The only thing I need to fix is wifi. I either use the MadWifi or the Atheros drivers. Doesn't sounds too hard, I had it working before...apparently. Not sure if sound works or not, I don't use it that much so I disabled it in the BIOS to save power.

Something is wrong with my server.... I tried to access it via SSH & HTTP and nothing. Turn on the monitor; kernel panic. Whatever, I rebooted. CRC error. Rebooted; works fine but Apache doesn't start.
Anyways, its Sunday time to relax and download some distros

I'll post back later...


whats the benefits of Debian?

In my opinion; apt-get. On the Eee, its quite speedy even in Gnome. Beautiful and just easy to use. I don't quite what it is, I just love Debian.

@anon: Debian is much more user friendly than other distro's. Hence why most noobs tend to go to the Ubuntu family which is based off debian, one of the reasons which as easton said is the apt-get. Its a fucken life saver haha.

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Not only do I love the GUI, but also as a server. I find it stable and efficient, easy to maintain.