My Portfolio

My in-progress portfolio is available here: (It uses Drupal :D)

Hey Easton

I was taking a break and reading your blog, half of it is Chinese to me, but I enjoyed it. Two questions, when you say "Your Work", did you write it? Of the stuff you wrote, what is it supposed to do? Remember, it's Chinese to me!

Have a GREAT day Buddy!

Uncle MIKE

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And yes, I wrote all of this (not the blog, but everything else on the PHP Projects page).

For example (on the PHP Projects page), the project called 'EngX', thats a search engine I made on my spare time. You can search for stuff and even add a source (website).

I wrote mostly everything by hand, using PHP (

I'm going to get back to writing my portfolio.

Thanks alot, have a AWESOME DAY!