'or 1=1


Jeez, almost been a week since my last blog post. Recently, I've been working on Sysode more and more. Numerous bugs have been fixed, yet there are more and more features everytime I work on it. It's open for registration, but more than likely your account will be deleted if you end up signing up.
I'm open for any feedback on it :D

I was planning on finding a job this summer, but well, I haven't gotten around to it yet. Staples seems interesting, but meh. Retail doesn't interest me at all. I could always freelance though, little scripting and remote adminstration on the side to bring in some green.


I installed Synergy on my workstation and my two other laptops (which are on either side of my tri-monitor workstation). All I can say is amazing. So much more convenient and productive.

'Bout 05:00 here, I'll wrap up working on Sysode then hit the ol' dusty trail ;)