Progress on nothing


Domain expired little while ago (, so all my links are now dead. Ugh. I didn't raise any money whatsoever through donations so I couldn't renew the domain. The URL for my blog is the original,


Anyway, Sysode got some new features. Users can now make projects publicly available for viewing. Public users can view the overview of the project, bugs and tasks. More to come, as well. Speed could be an issue down the road, Sysode is one of my bigger projects. Conversion to MySQL or PostreSQL might be needed down the road, as it uses pjjTextBase instead. For the amount of users now (that is, none), it runs fine. 

All of my projects are falling behind. I'm falling behind. Torrentino hasn't changed in months now, other than the new ads I added last week. I get decent traffic on my website, but sadly, no money. At least hosting is free, thanks to Web Hosting Serice (thanks a lot!). WorkSimple is stable yet theres an exploit or two that's out there. I don't know why I'm not worry about that. Rest of my site is in a state of disorganization, and frankly, I don't care. That's me.


Friday night, four day weekend w00t. Got 10.5.2 running again, as when I installed a Ti 200 (swapping it out for a Geforce 5200), OpenSolaris wouldn't boot properly. Everything was messed up. Since I'm that lazy, I douched it out for OS X.