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Red meat

Since my boredom has been growing substantially over the last couple days, I thought of building a SAN. Yes, a SAN, not a NAS. Get another web server running and put it in a round robin type config. Set up a SAN for centeralized storage (among other things), then yay!


Really, it's just an excuse to build more servers and use ports on my 24 port switch....


WorkSimple 1.2.3 was released the other day, improved on some things, 'optimized' some code.

Sysode has been going pretty well, though I'm concerned if I have the need to scale up/out. The underlying code is quite messy, I'm not a fan of neat looking code nor whitespace. I should improve on the looks of my code, it may actually be maintainable...


I 'got' some new music,  an album by Suspekt (Danish hip-hop group) and Flyh (Swedish progressive psytrance group). I wasn't really sure what progressive psy[trance] was, as I usually listen to dark and melodic psy. It turns out, its quite different (but still in the same realm) than other subgenres. It focuses more on the 'background' than the 'foreground', to say. Equally intensive.

On another note, I'm akin to non-English rap (and other genre's too ). Edo Maajka, Asa, NTM, Tungtvann and now Suspekt make up the majority of my non-English rap/hiphop listening experience.

English lyrics is soo overated.....

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