Some DeLi Linux packages


Since the DeLi Linux project is no more, there's no updated packages. Of course, one could upgrade to ConnochaetOS but that's no fun. The packages for ConnochaetOS are .pkg.tar.xz, which don't install in DeLi for som reason. Anyway, I compiled a couple packages just to test out the Arch packaging system. Here's a repository for those still using DeLi since the DeLi site is down.

See attachements.


Attachment Size
libarchive-2.8.4-2.pkg_.tar.gz (420 bytes) 420 bytes
libstdc++5-3.3.6-3-i686.pkg_.tar.gz (274.27 KB) 274.27 KB
openssl-1.0.0.c-1.pkg_.tar.gz (407 bytes) 407 bytes
texinfo-4.13a-5.pkg_.tar.gz (671 bytes) 671 bytes