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WorkSimple nearing major release soon

 WorkSimple will be nearing a major release soon, with 1.3.0 (making the old version 1.3.0 a fork (which has yet to be completed)). Some of the new features/stuff include:

  • Completely new module system, making it easier to add/create new modules.
  • HTML code cleaned up
  • Blogging system codebase re-coded
  • Installation process streamlined

 and numerous other stuff and bugs fixed.

 Version 1.3.0 shall be released soon, by that I mean with in the next couple days. Going from 1.2.3 to 1.3.0 is quite the step, so I'll have to make this upgrade worth it ;)

On the subject of making blogs, I just thought about a remotely hosted WorkSimple install. This would be similar to, where users can sign up for a free blog, etc. Interesting idea...

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