I'm for sale.

 I'm starting to freelance now, so I'm up for any work and make an attempt to build my portfolio. I'm available to do any work, small to medium sized projects. Stuff I can do:

  • Code PHP
  • Remote adminstration of Linux boxen
  • Some MySQL stuff (though I hate it)
  • Installl scripts (Wordpress, Drupal, WHMCS, etc..)
  • Help with hosters (I know my way around WHM, cPanel, WHM and so forth)
  • And probably a lot more useless stuff.


Portfolio here. My prices are cheap (say, min $3 CAD) so I'm available to hire. If you have any offers, deals etc, post a comment or use the contact page.


I just added a bunch of modules to 2500mhz, so I should be getting some more traffic (and perhaps money).
I turned 'Developer mode' on in Mobile Safari on my iPod touch, I don't know why I didn't turn it on sooner. I found out what was going on in my HTML pages and CSS's. Maybe this weekend, I'll fix up MailX Mobile, Server Stat and a mobile Wiki.
 Now that basketball is over, I'll be sure to get into my 'productivity mood' now. The top thing on my list is to work on WorkSimple (which needsafixin').

Log server/firewall

Flippy, my webserver which died back in December/November-ish has been sitting my desk, lifeless. So, I decided to turn it into a log server and firewall (running Debian, of course). I'll post some pics and specs later on. I was looking into getting a switch (over a hub, which I have now). I think it would greatly improve my network performance (A D-Link DES-1024D 24 port 10/100). Anyway, I haven't made any money with AdSense or PayPal donations, so that sorta sucks....


My ISP phoned today, two times. I've been going over my monthly bandwidth cap every month, so I could understand that they are mad at me. Back in November, I went to 120GB's that month. January, I was at about 80GBs (60GBs is my cap). I half put up an ad to sell Torrentino. I just don't have the time to maintain it anymore. Its come a long way since October 3rd. Comments are appreciated :D


I haven't made much money at all with AdSense. I have it on this site (2500mhz.info, filevault.info/) and Torrentino. From October to about early December, I earned about 20$ CAD and its been pretty stagnant since then. Not sure what I'm doing wrong; maybe more visitors or something.
I had a basketball tournament Friday and Saturday, got home around 21:00. Did a clean sleep of the whole tournament, won all of the games and even the 3 point and free throw contest.
Anyway, I haven't done much all day, watch a couple movies. I still haven't fixed flippy, my web server, which as been down since December-ish. I'm off to do something productive, I'll post if I do something interesting.... (Comments are appreciated :) )


I just got from camping all weekend, so (after I get my paycheck money, which should be soon) I'm gonna head down to Staples and buy 16GB flash drive (I have a 8gb) 1TB MyBook A UPS of some sort D-Link DIR-655 router and some more stuff (That is, if I actually have money) I'll post back later after my findings.... EDIT: Wait nevermind, even though I'm off work, I get my money THURSDAY! That means I have to wait 4 MORE DAYS!