Pasteros: cloud-based text storage

I just had to create [another] text storage project, just for shits. Pasteros (temporary domain) is a text storage storage (think Pastebin, Pastie, etc) running on DotCloud. It uses Twig for templating and I just converted the MySQL innerworkings to PostgreSQL (juste pour le fun). I also made an API for public use as well. I'll be releasing the source code shortly. Any feedback is appreciated.

WorkSimple 1.2.0 Elektro

Progress of Worksimple 1.2.0 Elektro has been good, now users can change the number of posts per page. I also added a new theme and am fixing up some code. The blogging/post creation part of WS (WorkSimple) has been fixed, where you had to post twice to see the first post. This is going to be the latest stable release, as the last one was version 1.0.2 Biomass. I'll release soon.
I just released WS Beta 1 (named Charcoal) available here: There is also a how-to install tutorial and a tips page too. I shall be working on WS Beta 2 (Or at least a stable release) tonight so check back later on....


For once, I have nothing to post about. I haven't gotten anywhere in coding (atleast, not yet). Work still sucks, I got my paid today, althought it's not in my bank account 'till tomorrow. I was [quite] bored and found this quote (it seems to describe every Friday and Saturday night for me): "Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code." I'll come back and post either tomorrow or Friday, or sometime when I have inspiration.....

To-Do list

Heres my list of things to do: EngX -Add crawling functionality -Fix search box Web Host -Fix security flaw -Add frendlier CP UI Jab( A.K.A Gup Beta (work in progress) -Fix login security -Order posts correspondingly -Add a comments feature for posts Memo(Facebook application)Secondary link: -Fix uploading -Add UI elements P.S. If you have any feedback about these scripts/projects, feel free to comment :D I just drank half a bottle of Hardcore Energize Bullet ( Apparently, it has more ounce for ounce compounds comparing to other energy drinks. Speaking of that, I should take some pics of my energy drink can collection(60+ cans/bottles). I really do have quite a big collection, from Monster MIXXD to Bawls Guarana(which I love). Then again, I still have a bottle of 6 Hour Energy left. I think this is going to be a productive night....