Same shit, different day

I've been looking for a reliable 'offshore' [web] hoster to host Torrentino. If you have any offers, I'd be pleased to hear 'em.

Work has come to a halt, I guess I've just been tired. Ticketto is still..very beta. Maybe I'll FTP a working version somewhere a bit later. WorkSimple 1.3.0 hasn't been completed. Or maybe it as...I can't remember.

Satelite has been out for a bit, too lazy to fix it so I've just been watching House (the show, not the noun...or whatever). 


Considering there has been little to none for comments, I guess there will be no free domain contest.

Anyway, as usual comments are appreciated (I don't get enough!)

New domain

I was thinking about getting a new domain, preferably something...unique. I was thinking about getting but...meh. would be cool to get, but I don't exactly have $129 to shell out. will expire in about 40 days and I felt like having something different. Comments are appreciated :)


This past week has been a blur. It's like this week never happened. I've done nothing really, other than promoting ShareItUp, try to get stuff done with WorkSimple and mess around with my servers. I still need to get $7 from somewhere to renew this domain (


Seems like one of my NIC's on roppie (yes, horrible name) is only getting 10mbit/s So maybe I'll do something about that. I was thinking of setting up NIC teaming on jlap (another horrible name) for better bandwidth redundancy.


Anyway, I think I'm off to bed soon considering I havn't slept in 24 hours or so.


FB App

Been trying to get the PHP Facebook (FB) library working on my local server. Got it working to some extent but I get: Fatal error: Call to undefined method FacebookRestClient::users_isAppAdded() in /var/www/fb/memo/appinclude.php on line 14 which is just wonderful. I have all of the LOTR eBooks so I'm off to go read them on my Eee (which is now running Lenny!)

Another iPod Touch post

Guess who can access their music and any other's (while running Simplify media server)? Me! I figured out that while I have Simplify running, who ever's I also connected to previously I can browse while connected via WiFi. No need to put new music on my iPod, just stream it now. My internet net was out from 20:00 to 04:30, finally got a hold of my ISP (yes, at 4am) and got it fixed. Within that 8.5 hours, I made a simple picture gallery script (email me if you want it). I have 150 free 4x6" prints down at Superstore. I uploaded some pics and sent the order. The site said one business day (not sure what that means though, can I get it tomorrow or overmorrow...?). Anyway, I uploaded some more pics to my Flickr page so feel free to check them out and maybe leave a comment or two. Anyway, I sorta feel like working a bit more on Torrentino or even Web Host.


Whoa. I haven't posted here in a wee bit. And, its almost Friday! Nothing really new has been happening. Eat, sleep, go to school, repeat. I took apart my [701] Eee the other day and actually put it back together correctly works! So, I figured out I need to find/buy a U.FL to RP-SMA connector as I plan to put an external on it somewhere, preferably the shiny metal looking thinks on the left/right side. I currently have the stock antennas unhooked from the WiFi card, which sucks since I don't get as good as signal (duh!) but I use my other USB WiFi connector. Anywho, I'll go shopping one of these days and find that connector. Hopefully all goes well..... Till then -