iPhone borken

Yes, I purposely spelled that wrong. Anyway, the entire left of the touchscreen on my iPhone doesn't work. Plugged it in at night, then didn't work in the morning. So, I've had to suffer only using the right side of the screen for the last two weeks. Going to have to restore back to factory defaults, package it up and send it off.


Quick post is quick

Life's been the same, my blogging life has swindled down as well. I have an old 5" TV/radio (it has a handle on top!) of which I connected to a VCR hooked to one of my spare computers. You get a mess of cables and a very very small monitor. I had to sit an inch away from it to read anything.

Sysode has caught my interest again, I've added some new features too. Fixed some bugs and added the ability for public viewing of the project, check it out.

iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone OS 3.0 is going to be revealed tomorrow (March 17) at an Apple event. Copy 'n pasting....mmmm
Stay tuned.

Spring break!

Finally spring break. Now I can finally get caught up to all the [half-ass] work I gotta get done.

My web hoster  needed a status script to show which server was online and offline. I whipped up a little script for them, check it out here:


I haven't really been doing much lately. I got another server up and running that I made...for shits and giggles. I'm sorta planning on working on either WS or Torrentino later....whatever. Tired, need food/sleep/friends/social life/more RAM

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