Been bored lately, so I'd thought I'd make an IRC bot in PHP. I wasn't sure how they worked, so I found this to be great:

I added a little more to it, using switch() instead of an if statement. So, instead of:

if ($rawcmd[1] == "!sayit") {

I changed it to


 switch(rtrim($rawcmd[1])) {


and of course everything else in between. 
See the full code here: or here
Not much has changed, but with switch() I found it easier to add more commands. Again, I didn't write most of it. Feel free to test it out though.


EDIT: Read bottom Back home now, loving the G15. For once, I think I'm actually going to work on something, but lately I felt like making either, a)CMS/social networking/forum or b)a theme for Drupal. In the end, I'll probably end up making a CMS and a theme for Drupal in GIMP. On that note about the CMS; I already have a login/register forum, I also have JAB (blogging script, which I am in the process of re-writing) and numerous other scripts I could add to make one flexible, simple, easy CMS. Comments are appreciated. P.S: I feel like learning C, so I think I'm gonna start on up on that. EDIT: Wait, nevermind. It's 2:30am and I just can't code nevermind stay awake. I'm going to start on the CMS tomorrow (Sunday)....till then -Easton