Been bored lately, so I'd thought I'd make an IRC bot in PHP. I wasn't sure how they worked, so I found this to be great:

I added a little more to it, using switch() instead of an if statement. So, instead of:

if ($rawcmd[1] == "!sayit") {

I changed it to


 switch(rtrim($rawcmd[1])) {


and of course everything else in between. 
See the full code here: or here
Not much has changed, but with switch() I found it easier to add more commands. Again, I didn't write most of it. Feel free to test it out though.

Kapli Doschdja

Ymas is tomorrow. Haven't slept in 24 hours (except for a short 1.5hr nap). I cant till Ymas is over, I never really liked Ymas in the first place (except for presents :D). Anyway, I've been sorta (half ass) trying to get my other server (jlap) running (so it would share the load) with my other server (flippy). Its almost 9am here, I think its couch time. P.S. If I get anything interesting I'll post back here tomorrow....